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Nail Fungus Treatment

Suffering from nail fungus? You are not alone. Nearly 1.8 million people in the UK suffer from nail fungus. Our toenail fungus treatment can help you to start destroying your ugly, embarrassing toenail fungus problem from day 1.

Waldon Research has finally designed a nail fungus treatment that not only kills your nail fungus infection but substantially increases nail growth in the time after the fungus is dead, so that your new healthy nail grows through at an accelerated rate.

Although many options exist to kill the nail fungus quickly, even within a few days, the treatment is not complete until the new nail has grown through. This can take many weeks. Until the new nail grows back it will still be scarred by the previous infection, it can look discoloured thickened and cracked. Our product is the first to recognise this part of the process and to speed up the new nail growth, so you will have beautiful, clean nails again.


Our product uses high levels of stabisied oxygen to destroy the fungus as you will read below. High oxygen saturation also means a high growth rate for the nail. You see the same effect when blood circulation is increased, it brings more oxygen to the nail and growth is substantially increased. Please read our pages on how it works and medical studies for a more indepth explanation.

The nail fungus remedy from Waldon Research can be bought online from the comfort of your own home and, what's more, you can treat your nail fungus in the privacy of your own home. With our nail fungus remedy you will be able to quickly and effectively remove toenail fungus and nail fungus without having to visit a GP. We have also plain packaged the product for your privacy. (note that you should always consult your GP if symptoms persist).

This toenail fungus treatment has been available for 3 years and we have helped thousands of sufferers just like yourself (you can read some customer testimonials here). The bio-oxidive active ingredients in our fungus treatment cream have been proven in numerous clinical studies to kill nail fungus (read more about nail fungus medical studies).

nail fungus - the healing process

Toenail Fungus Treatment - The Price

Our nail fungus treatment cream is only £19.95. Since we are the manufacturer, the cream comes directly from ourselves with no middle men involved. Some other treatments, where the manufacturer and the supplier are different companies, can cost as much as £100.00. Order our topical cream treatment for nail fungus here.

The fungus treatment will remove your toenail fungus or nail fungus quickly, it is easy to apply yourself and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Toenail Fungus Treatment - The Side Effects

It does not hurt and will not cause scarring. Find out more about the minimised side effects of our nail fungus cream.

IMPORTANT NOTE. It is a medical fact that the earlier you start to treat your nail fungus problem, the better it will respond to treatment. The longer you leave your toenail fungus problem, the worse it will become, the more difficult it will be to cure, and the longer you will suffer from nail fungus.

Toenail & Nail Fungus Treatment   [Toenail and Nail Fungus Pictures]

Nail Fungus Treatment - Oxygenated Remedy

Ozone is one of the most effective active ingredients used in our cream. Ozone is a bio-oxidive, consisting of 3 oxygen atoms. We use this ingredient to flood the infected area with oxygen (H2O2). Ozone has exceptional anti–microbial properties.

At Waldon Research we have developed a powerful cream which acts against the fungi which cause skin & nail fungus. We have created a bio-oxidive cream. By combining one powerful anti-fungal agent and infusing it with oxygen (in the form of ozone), we can not only control these infections but kill the fungi that cause them, without the harmful side effects of liver and heart damage.

Fungi are anaerobic and cannot exist in the heightened oxygen environment stimulated by exposure to ozone. Athletes Foot, Jock Itch, tinea & nail fungus; are anaerobic forms of fungi. Such fungal infections exist and proliferate with little or no oxygen present. Significantly, when cellular oxygen levels are increased, these anaerobic infections can't replicate, can't proliferate, can't survive.

nail fungus oxygenated treatments

Nail Fungus Treatment - How to Apply

The cream should be applied twice daily after cleansing and thoroughly drying the infected areas. It is important to keep applying the cream until all visible signs of fungal infection have dissapeared, or the fungi will simply grow back.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Healing Properties

The two main healing effects of our toenail fungus cream are:

  1. To repair discoloured, thickened and split nails by destroying the fungal nail infection completely, and allow a healthy nail to re-grow.

  2. To eliminate dry, itchy and cracked skin by killing the fungi that cause Athlete's Foot, Jock Itch, toe and skin fungus.

Nail Fungus Images (Onychomycosis)

Nail Fungus Treatment - The Facts

Toenails and fingernails are good hiding places for dirt and germs, and are an accommodating hiding-place for infection-causing fungi. Fungi are plant organisms, just like mould and mildew. An infection of the nails can be caused by fungus infiltrating the nail and actually living off the nail like a parasite. A fungal infection is one of the most difficult nail conditions to treat. Its symptoms include thickening and discolouration of the nail and in some instances, the nail can crumble.

The earliest warning sign of a nail fungal infection is discolouring. The nail frequently becomes yellow then turns brown. Over time, the nail will thicken and give off an unpleasant smell. Debris may collect underneath the nail and white marks frequently appear on the nail. Fungal infections are capable of spreading across to other nails and even to the skin.

Toenails are affected more frequently than finger nails and the condition is likely to recur more frequently as you grow older.