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Nail Fungus Treatment - No Side Effects

Over the past 6 years, Waldon Research's nail fungus cream has removed toenail fungus from over 100,000 people who suffered from the complaint.

Our revolutionary toenail fungus treatment is not only extremely effective it is safe for using to treat the condition by both adults and children.

This Treatment will remove your fungal infection and for the first time it is designed to increase new nail growth.

Its important to understand that you not only have to remove the fungus to return your nails to how they were, you also have to grow them back, the longer they take to grow back the longer they will be unsightly. Our product will complete the process for you.

It was extremely important to us during the developmental stages to produce a cream treatment which was effective at healing nail fungus while simultaneously keeping any side affects experienced to an absolute minimum. We are very pleased indeed with the final product which:

  1. Uses no antibiotics and therefore avoids the potential side effects of using strong antibiotics over extended periods of time.

  2. Inflicts no harsh burning sensations when it is applied topically to treat fungal nails.

It was also important to us that we deliver an effective and safe treatment at a reasonable price. This is why offer the opportunity to buy the nail fungus treatment directly from ourselves, the manufacturer of the cream. By selling directly to our customers we are able to make our nail fungus treatment available for just £19.95. When purchased through the clinics we supply it is priced at over £45.00.

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There are two main active ingredients used in our cream which are both very good at treating nail fungus and toenail fungus; ozone and manuka oil:

Nail Fungus Treatment - the oxygenated approach

It is now a well-established fact that fungal infections are unable to survive in a highly oxygenated environment, because they are anaerobic. By infusing our cream with oxygen in the form of ozone we were able to harness these properties in order to enhance the healing properties of our nail fungus cream and even to speed up the healing process, thereby promoting the recovery of clean, fungus-free nails more quickly. You can read about the medical studies which have been conducted on oxygenated medicines here.

Treating Nail Fungus with Manuka Oil

We combined our oxygenated appproach to nail fungus treatment with the use of Manuka oil. Using a cold plasma generator we infuse ozone into the oil over several weeks, resulting in a viscous substance which is then added to our aqueous cream. Manuka oil is well known for its healing properties and if effective at fighting mirco-organisms such as nail fungus - you can find out more about medical studies on Manuka oil here.